2021 Beta Testing

Everything you need for the 2021 Fresh Food Connect Beta Testing period. 

Testing: April 8 - April 22

Launch: May 3

  • Operator-First Design

    User profiles now feature Operator information prominently. Starting May 3, Operators will be able to display their logos and websites as well.

  • Each Zip Its Own

    Each zip code you service can have its own Times (time window selection) and Locations (addresses). 

  • All-New Gardener Workflow

    Gardeners have a brand-new look and feel, with enhanced simplicity and clarity. It's easier than ever to donate!

  • Flexible Donation Options

    Have couriers? Perfect.
    Have only dropoff locations? Perfect.
    However you accept donations, we can support.

  • Simplified Dropoff Donations

    No more either-or. Dropoff options and tracking is as easy as checking a box. 

How To Test

There are a few ways to test the new app functionality. 

Just choose whether you'd prefer to:

  • Web1

    Try The New Functions Now!

    This method will:

    • Leave all your Gardeners and Couriers on the current functionality.
    • Keep your current basic control of zip codes, schedules, and addresses.
    • All users can access the new functionality on May 3.
    • All users' current settings/data will be migrated automatically pre-launch.
    • Test account data will be purged pre-launch.
  • Farmbackground


    We get it! Let us know here, and we'll set you up with what you need to know. 

    Gardener Functionality and Updates

    Launches May 3rd

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    Nonprofit Functionality and Updates

    • Screen shot 2021 04 06 at 5.23.31 pm
    • Screen shot 2021 04 06 at 5.20.05 pm

    Offers, Locations and Times