Quick Start - Non-Profit

Mobile App

Step 1: Download the App

  1. Download the mobile app:
    1. iOS here
    2. Android Here

Step 2: Sign Up for an Account

Open App, Click Create Account
Scroll Down to Accept FSA
Scroll Down to Accept Privacy Policy
Tap "I'm A Non-Profit"

Enter your information

Enter your Time Scheduling (you can change this later in Settings)

Enter your instructions for all Gardeners

All gardeners in your ZIP will see these instructions when they add donations

Wait to be approved (you will get an email when you are approved)

Step 3: Explore the Exchange/Donation tab

The 'Pending' tab displays gardener donations that have not yet been claimed by a courier.

Hold and drag the screen down to refresh the listings.

The 'Confirmed' tab displays donations that have been claimed by a courier.

Hold and drag the screen down to refresh the listings.

Tap an item in either tab to expand it for deletions, cancellations, and to open chats.


Step 4: Explore the App

  1. Exchange/Donate: Where information about donations and pickups is located
  2. Chat: Your conversation history
  3. History: What you've donated in the past
  4. Info: Your stats (and how much you're helping the earth!)
  5. Settings: Changing your password, account info, and more

Web App

Step 1: Go to the Web App, click "Sign Up"

Step 2: Sign Up for an Account

Create Account Credentials Enter your ZIP code(s) Enter your Non-Profit Information
Enter your address

Select your Time Slots (these can be changed later)

Wait For Approval


Step 3: Explore the App

  1. Log out
  2. Export data about your gardeners, couriers, and donations
  3. Turn on Self Service and manage donations (if you don't use couriers)
  4. Alter and review weights of donations
  5. Deny and approve couriers
  6. Deny and approve gardeners
  7. Change the dates and times you receive donations
  8. Change your account settings