A scalable solution to strengthen local food systems

Each year, an estimated 54 million Americans, or 1 in 4 children, will face food insecurity. 40% of the food in the United States goes to waste, a major contributor to climate change. Organizations working on the frontlines of hunger often struggle to supply enough fresh, local, nutrient-dense produce to their communities. At the same time, 35% of Americans have a home or community garden. 

The Fresh Food Connect mobile app provides the connection points to close this gap.

How it works

Community-based hunger relief & food access organizations, or Operators, license the Fresh Food Connect technology platform, using the our web portal and mobile app for single-point access to coordinate multiple incoming donations of homegrown produce. In addition to accessing an untapped source of locally-grown produce, Operators broaden their reach by connecting to the local gardening community and a network of similar organizations across the country.

Gardeners download the free Fresh Food Connect app, which identifies their closest Operator. Once connected, gardeners can schedule produce donations directly through the app. The app also tracks their donations through the season, so they can see the impact of their donations over time. Donating produce through Fresh Food Connect is a meaningful, engaging, and easy way for gardeners to share their homegrown produce with those in their communities who need it most, rather than allowing it to go to waste.

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We envision homegrown food within reach.

 We believe all people have a right to nutritious food, and we envision a local food system that brings healthy, homegrown food within reach of all. 

  • Our Mission

    To grow a more local and resilient food system by connecting gardeners with their communities.

    Fresh Food Connect applies technology to create the capacity to connect gardeners with their communities, and strengthen local food systems. 

  • Our Story

    In 2016, a group of forward-thinkers came together to pilot a new idea that would become Fresh Food Connect. They asked the question: If gardeners had an easy avenue to participate in hunger relief efforts, would they?" The answer was resoundingly YES! Read more about our full story here .

  • Our Impact

    In 2021, Fresh Food Connect partnered with 58 hunger relief nonprofits in 20 states. Together, we engaged over 2,000 gardeners to share 67,000 pounds of homegrown produce with community members experiencing food insecurity. Find our most recent impact report here.

Our Core Values


    We aim to support existing solutions, efforts, and assets in local communities. We partner with organizations that are deeply rooted in their community. Working towards solutions that can be applied at a national level, we remain committed to centering communities and delivering creative and innovative technology solutions to support them.  


    The challenges we face are systemic, and partnerships grounded in humility and trust are central to our work. We strive to authentically engage community members and partners in a transparent way to develop relationships within and across local food systems. 


    We believe in the power of mobilizing individuals to participate in building resilient, local food systems, and want to create space for every person to engage. Small donations of many gardeners will collectively make a huge impact on local food systems and food insecurity.


    We believe today’s food system is unjust, and that the work we do will meaningfully engage individuals and communities to change the system for the better. We are committed to building equity, diversity, and inclusion into our organization and our programs, and to working with partners who share this value. Food justice cannot exist without racial justice. We aspire to be an anti-racist organization. 

  • We are proudly Guidestar Platinum Certified

Fresh Food Connect is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 

Fresh Food Connect's tax identification number is 82-5180956. 

  • Mailing address

    PO Box 181582, Denver, CO 80218
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