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Partnering for Hunger Relief in Colorado

We are excited to partner with Colorado State University Extension's Grow & Give Program!

We're working together to help Colorado gardeners Grow more and Give more. Fresh Food Connect is the donation tracking partner for CSU Extension's Grow & Give program. Please use the free mobile app or online form to track your impact! 👇 

Fresh Food Connect and CSU Extension Logos

Thank you for supporting Colorado communities! 

The Fresh Food Connect app helps you manage your donations of homegrown produce

 📲1 - Download the app to connect with a local hunger relief organization

 📅2 - Schedule and track your donations of homegrown produce right through the app, all while simplifying the process for your hunger relief organization

Are we not in your area yet? Prefer to log an off-app donation?

We're still growing! If we're not yet connected to a hunger relief operator in your area (here's our map), please complete this form to log your donation. This helps us know where we should look to expand next! App users can also use this form to log donations to friends and family. 💚  

Supporting Colorado Gardeners for Hunger Relief

Fresh Food Connect is a mobile app connecting gardeners with extra produce to organizations that distribute food to their communities. The process is simple: Gardeners download the app and indicate when they have extra produce. From there, local nonprofit operators receive or pick up the donations for redistribution to the communities they work with.

Colorado State University Extension Grow & Give was created in 2020 to address food insecurity in Colorado by connecting backyard and community gardens to food donation sites across the state. They are here to provide resources to help you both ‘Grow’ and ‘Give’ part of your garden’s bounty to those in need.

Why we are partnering

  • Shared goals

    We both encourage gardeners to share their bounty
  • Simple and flexible

    We both know how generous gardeners can be and want to provide the tools and resources to make donating easy and fun
  • Maximize Impact

    Collectively we can make an impact on hunger in Colorado!