Volunteer as a Courier with your local Nonprofit

Couriers pick up donated produce from Gardeners and deliver it to Nonprofits / Operators. 

Couriers work directly with Nonprofits / Operators. 


How-To Guide

Follow these steps to

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    Create Your Account

    1. Consult with your local nonprofit about their Courier openings.
    2. Download App
    3. Open App, tap ‘Create Account’
    4. Scroll Down to Accept FSA
    5. Scroll Down to Accept Privacy Policy
    6. Enter your ZIP Code
    7. Select 'Courier'
    8. Create Account Credentials
    9. Wait for Approval 

    (You will receive an email when approved)

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    Navigating the App

    1. Deliveries: Where information about donations and pickups is located
    2. Chat: Your conversation history
    3. History: What you've donated in the past
    4. Info: Your stats (and how much you're helping the earth!)
    5. Settings: Changing your password, account info, and more
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    Claim Donations to Pick Up

    1. The "All Deliveries" tab are all the donations that are available to claim.
    2. Tap an item to open its details, to start a chat with the gardener or the Nonprofit, and to claim it
    3. Once you claim an item, it will be moved to "My Deliveries."
    4. When you're ready to travel to the donation site, tap the item, then tap 'Details.'
    5. The Delivery Details page shows your route, your instructions, and your Confirm Delivery page.
    6. When you're at the donation site (Gardener's location) and ready to pick up the donation, tap "Confirm Delivery.'
    7. Fill out the delivery information, then tap 'Confirm.'
    8. The donation will then be moved to 'In Transit.'
    9. You can view the details of where you need to deliver the donation, or start conversations with the gardener and Nonprofit here.
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    Deliver to Nonprofit / Operator

    1. When you get to the Nonprofit with the pickups, open the app, then tap the In-Transit tab.
    2. Tap on the items you are dropping off. 
    3. Tap 'Details'
    4. Tap 'Confirm Delivery'
    5. Tap 'Confirm,' and the donation will be removed from your app, and transferred to the Nonprofit.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions

Donations and Pickups