Volunteer as a Courier with your local Nonprofit

Couriers pick up donated produce from Gardeners and deliver it to Nonprofits / Operators. 

Couriers work directly with Nonprofits / Operators. 


How-To Guide

Follow these steps to

  • sign up
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    Create Your Account

    1. Consult with your local nonprofit about their Courier openings.
    2. Download App
    3. Open App, tap ‘I'm New! Create Account’
    4. Select Courier
    5. Fill in Form
    6. Wait for Approval 

    (You will receive an email when approved)

  • Explore howto garden
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    Navigating the App

    1. Pending: Upcoming donations. 
    2. Donation Options: See what you're giving, how, and when. Tap the donation to chat with your courier or Nonprofit, to cancel, or for driving directions when using Dropoff donation.
    3. Completed: Donations either dropped-off or picked-up
    4. History: After 24 hours, donations in Completed are moved to History. History stores the entire record of your donation
    5. Share my Harvest: Click here to donate produce
    6. Donate Tab: Where information about donations and pickups is located
    7. Chat Tab: Your conversation history
    8. Profile Tab: What you've donated in the past
  • Shareharvest howto
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    Share Your Harvest

    Nonprofits vary in what services they offer. Your Share Harvest options will reflect the services your nonprofit offers.

    1. Pickup - A courier from your local Nonprofit will come by at your selected date and time and pick up your items for you. All you have to do is set your donation out!
    2. Dropoff - Going to be out and about? You can take your donation to your local drop-off location. Tap your donation to bring up driving directions.

    If you don't have a smartphone, or just want to give to neighbors, you can use our web donation form. The web donation form does not require a login, and therefore does not collect your history. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions

Donations and Pickups