We are Partnering with Hunger Relief Nonprofits

Are you looking for an innovative idea to increase the amount of fresh, local produce you have for your community? Are you interested in plugging in your neighbors in your local efforts to end hunger?

Fresh Food Connect is working with nonprofits nationally to fulfill their missions and end hunger. Learn more here about how your community can share their bounty and increase healthy food access at the same time!


How-To Guide: Mobile App

Follow these steps to

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    Create Your Account

    1. Open App, Click Create Account
    2. Scroll Down to Accept FSA
    3. Scroll Down to Accept Privacy Policy
    4. Tap "I'm A Nonprofit"
    5. Enter your information
    6. Enter your Time Scheduling
    7. You can change this later in Settings
    8. Enter your instructions for all Gardeners
    9. All gardeners in your ZIP will see these instructions when they add donations
    10. Wait to be approved 

    (You will get an email when you are approved)

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    Navigating the App

    Each donation is marked with either "Pickup" or "Dropoff" for ease of routing.

    1. Exchange/Donate: Where information about donations and pickups is located
    2. Chat: Your conversation history
    3. History: What you've donated in the past
    4. Info: Your stats (and how much you're helping Earth!)
    5. Settings: Changing your password, account info, and more

How-To Guide: Web App

Follow these steps to

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    1. Create Account Credentials
    2. Enter your ZIP code(s)
    3. Enter your Nonprofit Information
    4. Enter your address
    5. Select your Time scheduling (these can be changed later)
    6. Wait For Approval 

    (You will get an email when you are approved.)

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    1. Log out
    2. Export data about your gardeners, couriers, and donations
    3. Manage the progress of your Dropoff donations
    4. Alter and review weights of completed donations
    5. Deny and approve couriers
    6. Deny and approve gardeners
    7. Create, edit, and assign locations and time schedules for your zip codes.
    8. Change your account settings, including your owned zip codes and your service options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions

Donations and Pickups


Locations and Times