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Homegrown Food Manifesto


Calling all gardeners growing in backyards, patios, community gardens, or any sliver of soil with a bit of sunshine and water. We invite you to join us in building a movement that nourishes our communities, with the food we grow ourselves.

Our food system leaves too many behind, both nationally and right in our own neighborhoods. Imagine a world where we support our communities with homegrown food. A world where we ensure fresh food gets to our 55 million community members facing food insecurity, and at the same time, reduce the 40% of food that is wasted. A world where we reduce the carbon footprint of food by sharing it locally. A world where we share the food we grow at its most nutritious point; harvested when ripe and eaten while fresh. And what if we could do all this in a way that builds food sovereignty and stability of our local and national food systems?

We believe all this is possible through the simple but intentional act of sharing the food we’ve cultivated with passion and care. With our hands in the soil, we have the profound ability to strengthen our relationships with our community and with each other. One person sharing homegrown food might not change our entire food system, but together we can. 

Join us. We will start in the garden. We will grow food in our yards and along our sidewalks, on patios and rooftops, and in community gardens. We will share what we grow. We may each contribute only a little, but when we come together, the result will be tremendous. We will do this because we believe that homegrown food is part of the answer to a more connected, healthier, and sustainable world, for today and for the future.