Pledge a Pound . . . or more!

We're rallying gardeners to support community hunger relief.

Pledge a portion of your backyard harvest and help us reach our goal of 25,000 pounds of homegrown produce pledged across the country by June 30!

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*We'll reach out to you through the season to keep you posted on your impact!

Questions about Pledging?

  • How can I track my pledge?

    Great question! Fresh Food Connect's free mobile app connects you directly with a local hunger relief organization. You can use the app to schedule your donation and track how much you've donated through the season. 

  • What is Fresh Food Connect?

    We're a growing network of gardeners supporting local hunger relief with homegrown produce. 

    🍅1 - Download the Fresh Food Connect app to connect with your local hunger relief organization

      🥕2 - Schedule and track your donations of homegrown produce right through the app, all while simplifying the process for your hunger relief organization

  • How much should I pledge?

    It depends! Any amount makes a difference in your community. You might donate a bunch of herbs, weighing less than a pound, or a 10-pound bag of tomatoes each week. Either way, your homegrown produce will make an impact. 

    And remember - you can donate multiple times throughout the season!  

  • Can I participate if I grow in a community garden?

     Absolutely! We love working with community gardeners. Please invite your fellow gardeners to join us too - they can create their own pledges / Fresh Food Connect accounts, or simply donate through you!    

    Send us a note! We have special resources to support setting up group donations! 

  • Are certain types of produce needed most?

    Each hunger relief organization is unique, but in general they are open to just about anything you might be growing! Tomatoes, greens, and herbs are a great place to start. 

    You can also check out our article "What to grow for donation" for more suggestions.

  • Can I donate tree fruit?

    Yes! Most local hunger relief organizations welcome homegrown produce of any type - fruits, veggies, even herbs can make a huge difference!

  • What if my garden doesn't grow?

    We're gardeners too! Sometimes a crop doesn't work out. Feel free to reach out to your local hunger relief organization to donate other food items, or to volunteer with them!

  • Do I need to use the Fresh Food Connect app to donate?

    We're a little biased, but we think our free mobile app is the easiest way to connect with and donate fresh produce to a local hunger relief organization. (Our gardeners think so too!)

    If you're in an area where we're not active yet, we invite you to log your donations with us here .

  • I have more questions!

    Feel free to reach out to us!

Extra produce to donate?

Download the app to share your homegrown produce!