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Gardening Advice from the Experts

Tips and Tricks from Colorado State University Extension

Our partnership with CSU Extension Grow & Give


*NEW* Tomato Problems 101

Diagnose and solve your tomato challenges for a bountiful harvest

*NEW* Expert advice: Root Crops

Late start? 6 root crops for early summer
A photo of tomatoes

Mastering Tomato Gardening

Essential Tips for Planting, Support, Fertilization, and Harvesting
a photo of a tomato plant with straw mulch

Mulch Madness

Choosing the best mulch to elevate your garden game
a photo of rows of vegetables in a large garden

Planning Your 2024 Vegetable Garden

Crop Selection, Seed Starting, and Maintenance

The Top 5 most requested veggies to grow for donation

And how to grow them!
A photo of radishes in a garden

Eight easy plants to grow for donation

(Hint: they're not tomatoes!)
a photo of a garden laid out in rows

Planning the Garden Layout

Lay out your garden for success
Beans 2

Harvesting for Donation

Golden rules for harvesting your summer bounty
Img 2073 2x1 600x300

Easy Herbs for the Home Garden

Add herbs to increase your impact!
A photo collage of three types of compost systems

*Popular!* Composting 101

Getting started with composting
a photo of seed packets in a garden laid out in a heart shape

Seed Starting 101

What to plant and when, whether you're starting indoors or out
Img 8603   laura's seeds 500x300

All you need to start from seed

The gear you'll need to get growing!
a photo of vegetables growing vertically on a wall

Growing UP

Try a vertical garden to boost your harvest this year
A photo of asparagus growing in a garden

Spring Planting Guide

What to plant in early spring
New bed

Soil Made Simple

Great gardens start with great soil
Lettuce starting to bolt

What to plant in July

A second chance for cool season crops
Nasturtiums as companion plants

Diversity in the Garden

Beneficial insects and companion planting
A selection of seed catalogs

So many seeds!

Go beyond the garden center with seed catalogs
a garden cleaned up and ready for winter rest

Putting the Garden to Bed

Expert clean up and compost tips to get your garden rested this fall season!
Herbicide damage   possible herbicide damage on homeowner tomato  horiz crop

Trouble in the Summer Garden

Solving common summertime garden problems
Drip irrigation image

Watering 101

Watering, succession planting, planning the Fall garden
A photograph of seed sprouts

Small space vegetable gardens 101

No yard? No problem!
Schematic of huegelkultur mound construction adapted by andrew mack from beba and andrae   2 sm

Gardening Facts vs Myths

A closer look at the latest gardening trends
Photo of a gardener sharpening a shovel

Tool Care 101

Prep your gardening gear
A gardener holding a dandelion weed

Top 6 Vegetable Garden Weeds

Worst weeds and how to stop them
a gardener cradling a head of cabbage

Organic Pest Control

Keep your garden healthy while minimizing chemicals
A photo of a cold frame used for growing in cooler temperatures

Extending the Season

How to keep your garden growing as the weather cools
a photo of various berries

Fall Planting

The best berries to plant now

Gardening for the Community

Home gardeners supporting their communities

an early garden harvest of greens

McKenna's story (July)

"For one family, even a small amount can make a big impact."
Girls zuchinni bbvvi

What is Fresh Food Connect?

Carfulloveggies z2c40

Where can I drop off food donations near me?

Untitled design

G.N.O.M.E. chat: Colleen C.

"I love donating through Fresh Food Connect because I know my food donations are supporting my local nonprofits and feeding my neighbors."
Requested items u6bhu

What type of produce should I grow and donate?

Heather 2024 06 07 122108 500x

G.N.O.M.E. chat: Heather & Terrance, Denver, Col.

"Donating our produce is a natural solution to eliminating food waste and helping to combat food insecurity."
The giving garden of blue cross blue shield minnesota

Planning a Giving Garden

Planning to share? Here's how to decide what to plant
A photo of Fresh garden produce

Top 5 Reasons to Donate Garden Produce

Community garden

VIDEO: Setting up a Community Garden Sharing Program


G.N.O.M.E. chat: Jamie M, Philadelphia, Penn.

"The first fresh fruit of spring is my absolute favorite and I want everyone to be able to experience that."
Cover collage

Sowing Justice: connecting food systems and food justice

5 books for 2024 + 1 extra for the gardeners
a photo of homegrown produce being distributed in Denver

Community Spotlight: Denver

An update on our impact in Denver, CO

G.N.O.M.E. chat: McKenna R.

"I am fortunate enough to have the time and resources to be able to grow a little more than I need for my family."
Sd ffac logo crop 1

Community Spotlight: San Diego

Learn about our new San Diego Fresh Food Access Collaborative!
A photo of the staff and board

Board Announcement

Announcing Board Leadership Transition and New Members
a photo of a cooler full of donated produce

Fresh Food Connect Operator Spotlight: Healthy Day Partners

Img 6124 6qpzl

Gift Ideas for the Gardener With Everything


Partner Spotlight: New Roots CO

Fostering food resilience in the Eagle River Valley of Colorado
Img 4742 bscdq

Community Gardens: Grow With Neighbors

Printable Donation Tags

Thank you for Sharing Your Bounty! Produce tags help our hunger relief programs and clients know what you're donating, and provide freshness information. Simply print, fill out, and attach to your donation!

A photo of carrots ready for donation