Become a Giving G.N.O.M.E.

Every gardener has their own approach to growing a homegrown harvest. Whether you're "By-The-Book" or "Let it Grow," we know you'll agree that Growing Nutritious and Outrageously-fresh Meals for Everyone (G.N.O.M.E.) is a meaningful way to give back to your community.

Our Giving GNOMEs are our most active supporters - whether through donating homegrown produce, or helping spread the word about the impact of growing and sharing produce for Hunger Relief. 

Become a Giving GNOME today!


What's your "G-nome" type?

Free tee or tote

To welcome our new GNOMEs, we're sending our Limited Edition 2024 t-shirt or tote to GNOMEs who register this year! (While supplies last - don't miss out!)

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How to Join

It's easy to start making an impact for Community Hunger Relief. 

Complete ANY 3 of the following activities to become a Giving GNOME.

When you're ready, complete our registration form here for your welcome gift!

  • Pledge a Pound (or more!) to share

    Pledge to Share your homegrown produce for Hunger Relief! Pledge campaign closes 6/30

  • Download *and Review* the App

    Our Free mobile app coordinates your donation of homegrown produce to a hunger relief organization near you. Download the app and *leave a written review* at the app store! Review on Apple | Review on Google Play 

  • Complete our 5-question Chat with a GNOME

    Share your GNOME story! Let us know more about you and your garden in this quick "Chat with a GNOME"

  • Donate produce

    Donate produce for Hunger Relief 3 times in one season (calendar year). Any amount makes a difference!

  • Spread the word

    Share about donating produce through Fresh Food Connect on your social media channels and tag us at @freshfoodconnect

  • Volunteer with your local Hunger Relief Organization

    Whether your garden's just getting started, or harvest is done for the season, you can make a difference by volunteering for sorting, distribution or other activities. Our app quickly connects you with a nearby organization.

  • Make a financial contribution to Fresh Food Connect

    Your financial support helps us reach more communities and provide more homegrown produce to the 1 in 4 homes experiencing food insecurity around the country. Thank you for your support! Dollar-for-Dollar match through 6/30 

Meet a GNOME

Fresh Food Connect GNOMEs are each unique, but they all agree that sharing homegrown produce is a meaningful way they can give back to their communities. 

  • Heather and Terrance
    Heather and Terrance
    Denver, CO

    "Donating our produce is a natural solution to eliminating food waste and helping to combat food insecurity." [story here]

  • 2801a776 ecf1 4a8b a47a cbaa481e8b15   colleen carson
    Colleen C
    Tacoma, WA

    "I love donating through Fresh Food Connect because I know my food donations are supporting my local nonprofits and feeding my neighbors." [story here ]

  • Mckenna
    McKenna R
    Denver, CO

    "I am fortunate enough to have the time and resources to be able to grow a little more than I need for my family." [story here]  

  • Jamie   square
    Jamie M
    Phila, PA

    "The first fresh fruit of spring is my absolute favorite and I want everyone to be able to experience that." [story here] 

  • Brandee B
    Brandee B
    Highlands Ranch, CO

     "Growing food also grows community in my experience so it’s a win-win." [story here ] 

  • Img 2424
    Karen I
    Boulder, CO

    Karen donates her homegrown produce to Boulder Food Rescue

  • Img 2518   pamela maccallum
    Pamela M
    Carlsbad, CA

    Pamela donates her homegrown produce to Healthy Day Partners

  • Img 2424
    Joy R
    Naperville, IL

    Joy donates her homegrown produce to The GardenWorks Project

  • Img 7546   mim michelove
    Mim M
    Encinitas, CA

    Mim donates her homegrown produce to Healthy Day Partners

  • Sarah's garden
    Sarah F
    Denver, CO

    Sarah donates her homegrown produce to Denver Food Rescue

Extra produce to donate?

Download the app to share your homegrown produce!